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‘Emerald City’ is not returning to NBC

Well, dear readers, it looks like one of our favorite shows here at PCU is going away. It was confirmed earlier today that NBC is not picking up Emerald City, the beautifully designed take on The Wizard of Oz, for another season.

With the show losing almost half of its audience between the January premiere and its season one finale back in March, it seems that Emerald City really struggled to find its niche. The darker re-imagining of L. Frank Baum’s classic tale of a girl whisked away to a magical land by a tornado seemed to resonate with some folks (especially us here at PCU), but overall did not hold the attention of enough viewers to warrant a second season.

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In the opinion of several of us here, this is a sad loss for television. The show was beautifully shot, well-acted, and really took an interesting perspective when looking at the original story. Viewers who stayed with the show throughout the entire season really began to identify with and care about many of the characters, and we wanted to see where their stories would take them. Alas, it seems that (in this writer’s opinion), the show may have been too cerebral for some, and too dark for others. With story elements of betrayal, familial struggles, societal oppression, and even a nod to transsexuality, the subject matter definitely took a sharp turn away from the source material, which could have been instrumental in driving some viewers away. However, it was also those elements which kept the rapt attention of those of us who loved the series.

In exchange for Emerald City being axed, it now looks like NBC will pick up two new series for the next season: Rise, which is a musical theater project by Jason Katims; and For God & Country, a military drama starring Cloverfield actor Mike Vogel.

Tell us what you think about NBC’s decision to cancel Emerald City, dear readers. Do you wish the show could have gotten another season? Were you hoping to see Dorothy, Toto, and the rest of the cast return, or are you ok with the show not coming back?

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