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Review Brew: Plastic #1

Writer: Doug Wagner
Art: Daniel Hillyard
Color: Laura Martin
Publisher: Image Comics

Victor is your average fellow. He loves his lady, Virginia, with all his heart and will do anything for her. He gets her treats, the finest brushes, and defends her honor when ruffians try to accost her. Unfortunately for Victor, one of those ruffians is the son of a well connected albeit mysterious man, who has captured both Victor and his lady love. Rather than harm Victor for accosting his son, he employs him to return to his former life of assassination for the safe return of Virginia. Victor would do anything for her, so the job is a no-brainer.

You might be telling yourself that this plot seems familiar, ex-government agent forced back into their old ways by a powerful villain to ensure the safety of his or her loved ones. Plastic, however, comes with a bit of a twist. The loved one in this scenario is just as the title suggests. Virginia is actually a blow up sex doll.

Writer Doug Wagner has created a gonzo storyline that is as interesting as it is disturbing. Victor seems to the reader to be a strange but honorable figure, that is until you realize that he is willing to maim and kill to protect an inanimate object. Inanimate to you and me, but very real to the unhinged Victor. Daniel Hillyard’s art and Laura Martin’s use of color bring this odd tale to life, with vivid lines and perfectly balanced colors. Victor reminds me of The Joker without the makeup, but no less an obsessive persona. This should be an interesting title to keep note of.

4 gas station donuts of 5

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