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Review Brew: The Wicked+The Divine #27

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Jamie McKelvie

Colorist: Matthew Wilson

Editor: Chrissy Williams

Gillen and Mckelvie were real wicked in this last issue. We got a lot of interesting build-up but not a lot of delivery. But hopefully that means that the next issue is going to be a giant explosion of action and drama.

The issue takes place after the vote of last issue with each member of the pantheon pursuing their choice: fight, study, or anarchy. We also get a reminder this issue that some of the pantheon’s two years are almost up. The book is split into three separate parts and the middle part is by far the most interesting in style. Every page is eight panels and they are broken up into separate stories with some stories running all eight panels and some shorter. It creates an interesting pace and gives you the feeling kind of a like a montage.

Overall, this issue was a solid build up issue and it definitely got me pumped up for everything to come crashing down! There are emotional and relationship issues to be resolved. Mysteries to be revealed. And of course, a giant monster to take on!

McKelvie and Wilson do a great job to keep up the beautiful feel of this book with the last page being a particularly awesome “manga” send up. The art team always does a great job of making this book look and feel like a celebrity zine. McKelvie’s strong lines can be refreshing in a world where the more sketchy and abstract style is so popular.

4 raves out of 5.

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