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The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War review

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of many anime I just randomly stumbled across on Netflix, and was hooked by the story, and characters. When I finished the anime, I immediately started reading the manga, and kept up with the story up until now.

With the announcement of a supposed season two coming to Netflix, I was thrilled, but come to find out season two, wasn’t actually season two. Netflix definitely mislabeled this miniseries by calling it season two. I’m surprised that they haven’t renamed it to the actual title, “The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War.” It would make all the difference, and not confuse people who are thinking this, is season two of the anime. With all that being said, this miniseries works to set the stage for the actual season two, which hasn’t been announced as of yet.

The story revolves around the “The Seven Deadly Sins,” a group of Holy Knights who worked for the kingdom of Lioness. After being framed for overthrowing the kingdom, the group disbands, and are wanted as criminals. Ten years later, Lioness comes under a coup d’etat, by Grandmasters Hendrickson and Dreyfus. It’s up to Elizabeth, the third princess of Lioness, to bring the “The Seven Deadly Sins” together to stop Dreyfus and Hendrickson. 

These episodes take place after the defeat of both Grandmasters, but before the final episode ends. It’s confusing  but you could just watch the last episode, and see where everything falls into place.

I have to say, the four episodes aren’t that bad, and brings in some hints to what’s to come. They are enjoyable, and have a slice of life feel to them. The episodes do address certain events that happened during the first season, such as Ban trying to kill Meliodas, and why is Diane able to appear human sized, since she is a giant. We do learn a little bit more about Meliodas, and his relation to the demon clan. I wish that was expanded upon, but it did have some decent foreshadowing. It was nice to see other characters like Gowther to get some development from one of the episodes he’s in. Seeing him trying to understand the meaning of love, was quite interesting. During the opening, we get a glimpse of the final sin, Escanor. Escanor is one of my favorites of “The Seven Deadly Sins,” but he’s just regulated to a cameo at best. The ending of each episode, is what you want to look out for. It’s only a couple minutes long, but carries a lot of weight, for what’s to come. 

There are a few things to like about this miniseries, such as the voice actors. They do a great job of what they’re given, and manages to capture the characters perfectly. The animation was great, and I was impressed with the quality of the scenes. The environments are gorgeous, and the action is amazing to look at. The fight between Ban and Meliodas is intense, and shows the capabilities of the two fighters. Ban going so far to use the crowd to his advantage. The humor is good, but Meliodas is annoying at times. I felt the episodes don’t add much, other than to get us ready for the next season. It’s not a bad thing, but without a next season, it doesn’t have much bite to it.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War is not a bad miniseries, and gives some of the characters depth. The episodes address some lingering plot threads that happened in the first season. The animation and voice acting is solid. I wish they would have done more with Escanor, even though, he doesn’t fully appear until next season. The foreshadowing is strong when it comes to the demon clan, and Meliodas ties to them. With only four episodes, it’s a quick watch, but at least you will be entertained while watching it.

4 Sins out of 5

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