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Sideshow Unveil All-New Premium Format Figures of Rey & BB-8

“Where do you come from?”
“Classified? Really? Me too. Big secret”
The introduction of Rey marked a whole new chapter in the Star Wars saga. The excitement surrounding an all-new character was incredible. And, thanks to a masterful performance by British actress Daisy Ridley, she has become a strong and positive female role model for fans both young and old.
Inspired by this wonderful woman and her blossoming role within the Star Wars universe, we have created an all-new depiction of Rey in their flagship museum-quality Premium Format!
Standing over 20” tall from the bottom of her sand-filled shoes to the tip of her trademark staff, this limited edition figure captures Rey’s likeness so perfectly that it is almost like a snapshot of a moment in time.
Every piece of her outfit has been painstakingly reproduced for the utmost screen accuracy and authenticity. From the painstakingly crafted and expertly painted sculpture, to the textured fabric of her garments and accessories, every miniature detail, fold, seam, and stitch, has been duplicated exactly.
The Sideshow Exclusive version of this Premium Format Figure also features Rey’s Rebel X-Wing helmet. A relic scavenged from the wreckage on Jakku.
When it is time to decide on the presentation of your Rey Premium Format Figure you could choose to display Rey as a stand-alone piece, or, you could place her next to a cute little droid companion!
BB-8 quickly became an office favorite here at Sideshow HQ, and it is our pleasure to offer him for the first time in our flagship Premium Format. We’ve captured every subtle nuance of BB-8’s ingenious design,  from the surprisingly soulful and character filled “eyes” of his photoreceptor, to the stained, scratched and dirty panels of his spherical body, each little detail helps to make this chirpy little Astromech come to life and steal your heart.
Both BB-8’s head and torso feature integrated LED light up features, bringing another layer of screen-accurate detail as well as added visual charm to this adorable BB unit.
The Sideshow Exclusive variant BB-8 features a swap-out panel with an extended welding tool giving a “thumbs up” gesture.
Find these two here: buyreybb8
Our friends at the Star Wars Show visited Sideshow HQ recently, and they got an exclusive first close-up look at Rey and BB-8 (as well as a few other surprises!).
Check the video out here: XzgzFv2YKN4
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