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Review Brew: Sex Criminals #16

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Editor: Thomas K


Sex Criminals is back! And it’s sexier and crinimalier then ever! Well, actually, Jon and Suzie are going to try and stay away from criming for now. This issue has them taking a step back from their war with Kegalface and focus on their lives. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to stop harassing them or their friends anytime soon.

This issue started out with a long recap segment that was a combination of prose and images from previous issues. I understand why the guys would want to include this segment (it’s been a couple months since their last issue) but I found it a bit tedious. The lack of new art made it especially hard to slog through to get to the “goods.”

Like most Sex Criminals issues, this one contains a couple of different scenes, which contain their own pacing and plots. The first one involves the two new time stoppers and doesn’t really give us much resolution so I’m hoping for more of that in the next two issues. On a completely different note, I always appreciate the book’s portrayal of a person suffering from mental health issues and relationships with such individuals. It is nuanced and meaningful to see Jon’s progress as a process and not a destination and Suzie’s patience but non-enabling behavior.

The art in issue #16 is probably the best I have seen this book look since the beginning. I really think Zdarsky is getting better and better every issue. The facial expressions of this book play an important role in its story telling and humor; some of which perfectly capture moments that I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in.

Overall, I’m so glad this book is back! It’s so different than anything else I pick up. It’s a book all about human relationships, sexuality, and chock fill of as many sex puns as humanly possible. It’s pretty much the best. This issue took a lot of time to focus in on Jon and Suzie’s relationship and it laid a good foundation for the rest of the arc yet to come… *insert pun here*

4 butt stuffs out of 5.

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