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Naomi is the NEW Smackdown Live Women’s Champion

Words CANNOT describe how excited I was to see Naomi pin Alexa Bliss for the 1-2-3!

If you’ve been following Naomi from her early days in the WWE, you know how long it has been for her to finally get a true shot at the title, and now a true run.

Ever since the very early days of NXT, Naomi has always stuck out to me. She was tall, beautiful, and very athletic! Naomi always had this hunger when it came to her skills in the ring. She had a drive and power that was unmatched, and I thought she was a hit!

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The WWE, however, had other plans for Naomi. She didn’t become the star I was thinking she was going to be. In every role she was put in, she shined and maybe her awkwardness on the mic showed but she was still amazing in the ring. The only thing that stuck out most was that she was NEVER a Women’s Champion.

Image result for The funkadactyls and brodus clay

Naomi as a Funkadactyl with Cameron, valets to Brodus Clay

Many new faces were added to the women’s division thanks to the women’s revolution and I worried if Naomi was going to be forgotten and lost in the shuffle. In a way, she kind of was lost when she was in Team B.A.D. The spotlight was really on Sasha Banks, who was riding high from her excellent matches with Bayley during their NXT days, but I knew Naomi’s day would come.

Image result for team b.a.d

Team B.A.D. (Tamina, Naomi, and Sasha Banks)

Her time finally came when she changed her gimmick to The Glow and became more fun. At first I did worry, but her dancing background came through and her true athleticism was able to shine as bright as her entrance lights!

Now look at her, she is the NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion after taking down Alexa Bliss, who was mocking her for weeks; saying things like she didn’t even know Naomi was or if “she worked here.”

Congratulations Naomi! GLOW UP!

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