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Review Brew: Deadly Class #26

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Colorist: Jordan Boyd

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Editor: Sebastian Girner



Wow oh wow oh wow! Where to start, kids?! This issue is a mindblower, for sure! I can’t tell y’all too much without spoilers but here’s what I can tell you- the issue takes place far away from Saya and the gang and picks up a story thread we all thought was dead. And that’s all the plot you get until you read it yourself!

This issue plays out like an action flick with one surprise twist after another. There are some really cheesy one-liners in here that will have you chuckling ashamedly as well as a long speech about humanity’s stupidity (feeling very reactive to our political climate), given by a mob boss. Remender even gives us a new hillbilly antagonist to ultra-loathe. Overall, I thought this issue was a lot of fun, which is an interesting departure from the book’s usual angsty tone. I can’t shake this feeling that some depth was lacking here, but the pure joy I received from the reveals totally alleviates any doubts.

As for the art, I felt as if Wes Craig and Jordan Boyd turned in a surprisingly regular looking comic this month. I usually adore their outlandish panels and color palates but I felt like this issue was a little bland in that department. There were, however, some gorgeous in-panel pieces that still showcased the series’ continued brilliance.

Overall, I would give this issue 5 out 5 feels but…


4 out of 5 executions.

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