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Pictionary meets Cards Against Humanity in ‘Turn of Phrase’

I recently got a chance to speak with Shay Alsaid, one of the creators of a game called ‘Turn of Phrase,’ and find out more about this quirky, fun, and artistic blending of Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, and more.

*AUTHOR’S NOTE* Some of the language in this video may not be appropriate for all audiences.

PCU: Thanks for talking with me, Shay. Turn of Phrase looks like it could be extremely fun, so tell us a little about the object of the game, in your own words.

Shay: The object of the game is to guess the phrase that your artist is drawing before the other teams guess it. Every artist gets two phrases, chooses which one will be drawn, and shares it with the other artists. They all draw at the same time, and the first team to guess the phrase wins. You can also act out the phrases, make it a drinking game, and more in order to increase the replay value.

PCU: Where did the idea come from, and how did you get started with the project?

Shay: Turn of Phrase started in a kitchen one day after having a game night when two of us decided that we want to create something fun.  One of the creators is in a profession where you’re not allowed to speak your mind freely, which started to shape what kind of game we wanted to make.

We quickly developed a game to revolve around phrases that we use every day.  After we finished the design of the game, we started play testing it with friends and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

PCU: That sounds great! What steps are you taking now to get the word out about Turn of Phrase?

Shay: One of the things that we wanted to make sure of was to deliver a unique Kickstarter experience. A close friend of ours recommended we make videos for the campaign.  As a result, we decided to reveal a new card in the game every day of the campaign in the form of short video skits [Ed: which you can watch on the creators’ YouTube channel]. “We spent a few fun-filled months writing and filming these skits with a production company, BV, who helped us bring our silly, and mostly inappropriate ideas to life.

PCU: What type of audience do you hope to appeal to with Turn of Phrase?

Shay: Those who enjoy having a fun time with their friends. Turn of Phrase will appeal to anyone who has ever played any adult-themed party games.

PCU: “Adult-themed?” What do you mean by that?

Shay: The game is geared towards people who are over 17 [years old], as it uses some adult language. Also, since this is a drawing game, you can expect to draw some…human anatomy. Since the adult cards are the devil cards, and the “nice” cards are the angel cards, there’s also the unique ability to play the game with those who are not ready for the adult language. In fact, during one of our events, an entire family played the game with angel cards for a while.

PCU: So could this conceivably be a family game?

Shay: We wouldn’t market it as a family game unless all family members are of appropriate age, as you would not be able to truly enjoy all that the game has to offer. It’s certainly an option, but half of the game would stay in the box and away from the children.

PCU: That’s good to know. Keep the little ones away from the devil cards, then.

(At this point, Shay made a comment about the game – which I’m not going to print here due to its subject matter – but sufficed to say, it drove home the point he was making about Turn of Phrase being more for adults, and absolutely hysterical.)

The Angel & Devil cards in Turn of Phrase.

The Angel & Devil cards in Turn of Phrase.

PCU: How can people find out more? Are you all on social media, and what do you share about the game?

Shay: You can follow us on Twitter, where we are voracious hashtaggers, on Facebook, and on Instagram where we share some of our own art. Paul, who is one of the creators, loves to draw. We are also sharing all of our videos on social media, as they are released.

PCU: Alright. One more question. Please describe the game in just one sentence.

Shay: Turn of Phrase is a quirky, adult-themed drawing game that manages to be accessible to everyone and gives players an excuse to laugh with good company.

PCU: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, Shay. I know that I am personally looking forward to seeing the finished product, and I wish you and your team success.

For more information on Turn of Phrase, or its creative team, check out, follow them on social media, and contribute to the game’s Kickstarter.

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