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Terminator Series To Get a Reboot

Oh, look, the Terminator series is getting a reboot. Mm-hmm, whatever. Probably just another attempt to cash in on the good ol’ days. Freaking reboots.

Mmm, oh, James Cameron is still going to have an influence? Huh, okay, that might actually work.

What else…it’s going to be directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller?

Whoa. Okay, now I’m legitimately interested.

So this was announced. I, for one, lost interest in our beloved mass-murder machine after the second movie. The third movie seemed unnecessary to me and the fourth just didn’t pique my interest. Genisys just looked sad. And apparently, critics agreed.

So, sure, if you want to make any money off the Terminator franchise, you need to reboot it at this point, right? But do we need a reboot? Must we reboot everything? Can’t we let things die?

Then I saw that Tim Miller was directing and James Cameron would be a “godfather” of sorts. Miller showed his chops with the critical and financial success that was Deadpool, a wild, violent action/comedy spectacle. Take out the comedy and those are some good chops to bring to Terminator.

Or leave the comedy in. Hey, it’s a reboot. Anything goes.

Further details are sparse but PCU will will keep you, dear readers, in the know.

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