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Overwatch Updates – Blizzard’s misplaced priorities

Greetings, Overwatchers! As we all know, Blizzard has been busy with a variety of announcements. From upcoming changes to discussing their philosophy, players have had a lot to take in. Certainly, there is a lot to be excited about, whether character nerfs (and buffs) or even the latest holiday skins. The disappointing part, however, is whether Blizzard has their priorities straight when it comes to making Overwatch the best game out there.

Take one recent announcement about adding health bars to spectator mode. Really? All the complaints on the forums about a variety of topics, and “health bars for viewers” was the priority? I understand it’s nice for observers to know who’s at risk in a match, but that’s like forgoing the latest protective technology in football to make sure we get those fancy scrimmage lines on the TV.

Even the list of upcoming changes make one question if the designers and programmers are focused on the demands of their gaming population. While we’re all eager about how they’re improving matchmaking, not to mention banning, do we really care if you can hide the chat box? What do adding new voice lines for blocked ultimates, when Deaf players are still demanding visual cues for those that exist? Tweaking custom matches? Adding sound toggle hotkeys? Better “Play to the Game” videos? None of that answers the cries of Overwatch fans who’ve been struggling with the “ELO Hell” that is competitive.

In fact, most of what Overwatch fans want has been relegated to “not likely to happen.” Blizzard refuses to look into compensation for leavers, meaning players’ “skill” ratings will continue to fall victim to trolls. The same with a Surrender option, as the masochistic designers would rather force you to finish out a game no matter how one-sided it is. Even simple changes like Daily Quests or basing Arcade rewards on games played (rather than won) are passed over… all so we can play more Lúcioball.

I think it’s great that Blizzard is trying to keep things interesting with regular updates. The problem is, they need to listen to their player base rather than what some staff come up with in a “think tank” session. Look at the forums and see what people are complaining about the most, and then decide on what’s a priority. If you want to keep Overwatch fans happy, they can tell you exactly what they’d like to see.

Hopefully, in 2017 they’ll re-prioritize what needs to be changed. Overwatch is a beautiful game, and we’re excited about what’s coming up. If they continue to ignore the voices of their gamers, however… we know how well that goes.

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