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Mob Psycho: 100%BAMF

You have to discipline yourself, because even the slightest slip up could hurt the ones closest to you

ESPER: A human being born capable of using telepathy and other paranormal mental abilities. ESP stands for “Extra Sensory Perception”. (Source Urban Dictionary)
Image having a power inside of you; something so fearsome, so incredible, that you have to be docile to contain it. You can never act out on your anger. You have to discipline yourself, because even the slightest slip up could hurt the ones closest to you. You struggle through life, keeping your powers at a minimum as you better yourself as a person. You join a workout team and focus on getting the girl of your dreams. Even finding a healthy outlet for your telekinetic powers, you get a job with a local psychic who trains (uses) you and pays you the tiniest of wages.

This is Mob, aka Kageyama Shigeo; and because he is such a powerful esper, he can have some trouble expressing himself.
All Mob would like to do is live as normally as possible. He constantly makes sure his emotions never reach 100%, or his powers take control and the damage is never predictable. With a mixture of pseudo-espers (like his boss), evil spirits, and villains from a secret organization, a normal life for Mob seems out of the question with the circumstances he’s constantly thrown into.
At first, I didn’t take too kindly to other telling me I should be watching this anime. I didn’t watch One Punch Man because I’ve been so busy with other things, so why should I take the time to watch this? I will admit, I was wrong. Due to my lack of appreciation for One Punch Man, the same creators as this diamond, I didn’t realize what exactly I was missing out on.
Mob Psycho 100 is a great story that takes an interesting turn with a very relatable main characters that makes you dream of having physic powers if you didn’t already. I crushed this series, despite it being about the typical “Loser with awesome powers becomes a hero” plot. The comedy is what shines brightest in this show, which makes you hungry for more.

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