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Review Brew: Justice League of America: The Ray Rebirth #1

Writer: Steve Orlando
Art & Color: Stephen Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

I’ve never read anything with The Ray in it, other than Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters from awhile back. So when I read this DC Rebirth one-shot, I didn’t know what to expect. For a Rebirth one-shot, this issue was excellent. The story focuses on Raymond Terrill, the second Ray, and follows his life from living with his overbearing mother, until he leaves his home. I like the story, and it kept me enthralled when reading it. The writing is superb, as you get inside Ray’s head, and understand what he is feeling: not being able to talk to anyone or go outside, because of his hypersensitivity to light. You can also understand why his mother is overbearing, because of an accident that happened between Ray, and his friend Caden. The dialog feels natural to what is happening in the story. The pacing was good, as I finished it in a decent amount of time. Also, Orlando does bring up some old continuity with Ray being related to the Golden Age Ray.  

The art and colors by Stephen Byrne is solid. His art has a smoothness to it, and combined with his colors has a shine to it. The subdued moments in the issue work, and adds to the loneliness of the character early on in the story. The action is radiant, and the fight toward the end is short, but makes use of light based abilities. The characters designs are well done, and The Ray costume looks amazing. The panel layouts transition nicely, and puts a lot of focus on the characters.

Justice League of America: The Ray Rebirth #1 is an overall solid issue that reintroduces us to the character of the Ray. The writing, art, and colors are amazing, and makes this issue shine like a ray of hope in the darkness of the DC Universe.

4 narrow beams of light out of 5

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