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Review Brew: The Few #1

Written by: Sean Lewis
Illustrated by: Hayden Sherman
Publisher: Image Comics

The Few is a Mad Max-esque, sci-fi comic about two survivalist brothers who find a woman sleeping in the woods, while clinging onto a gun and a baby in a gas mask. The story is set in a futuristic, dystopian America, and is full of mystery.

The Few is written by Sean Lewis. Lewis is popularly known for Saints, which he co-created. Lewis’ writing is mysterious and leaves you hanging on for the next panel. He does a good job at setting up questions for the readers in this first issue; these questions are supposed to draw you back for issue two, but is it worth it?  Lewis’ writing did not do a very good job at setting up the world. It is good to have unanswered questions from the first issue, but it is not good, for me, to not have an understanding of how this world works. Such as a simple narration explaining how this dystopian America came to be, if there is a government (and whether it’s good or bad), and more of an idea as to who the characters are.  I didn’t feel as though I got to know the main character at all. As I said, questions are good, but I would like to have even a basic idea of who this woman is. I don’t even know enough to care about her, and that’s a problem for the story.

This comic is illustrated by Hayden Sherman, Sherman has worked with Marvel, Boom, and Image. Sherman’s art has that rough look to it that really suits a dystopian or post apocalyptic comic book. His art suits the world and feels right, though I would like a bit more detail; I just can’t get a clear image of this world. His characters, costumes, and style are awesome and look really cool, yet the world just doesn’t feel as tangible as I would like. 

In the end, I have to rate this book at two gas mask wearing babies out of five. Definitely not a huge fan of this story…

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