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Deadpool VS Punisher! Who Will Win?

The Punisher and Deadpool. What do they have in common? Well, they’re both pretty badass, they both have a pretty large arsenal of weapons at their disposal, and they both have military backgrounds. Oh, and they have both (non-canonically) killed the entire Marvel Universe. So clearly they are both pretty powerful characters and in April 2017 the two anti-heroes are going to face off in Deadpool VS The Punisher! This comic will be written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Pere Perez.

Deadpool and Punisher (both former Thunderbolts) will face off when The Punisher goes after Deadpool’s old friend The Bank. According to writer, Fred Van Lente, “The Bank is a shadowy character who’s existed in the Marvel Universe for decades, We’ve never heard of him before because he is very much off the grid. He’s – as his name implies – a money man, who handles offshore accounts for a variety of amoral-to-immoral characters and organizations”.

So, now we know why the two will be doing battle, the question is, who will win? “Merc with a mouth” Deadpool or the deadly vigilante, Punisher?

Obviously Deadpool is marginally stronger and more powerful than Punisher. For those who don’t know, Deadpool has a healing factor. His healing factor allows him to rapidly recover from even the deadliest of wounds. Essentially, he (almost) can’t die. Deadpool also has an array of weapons, training, and skill to help him kill his foes. The Punisher, on the other hand, is an ordinary guy with some hard core military skill, and even more hard core cause to hate criminals. As dangerous and deadly as he is, he’s still just a normal human who has trained a lot and has reason to hate criminals. So clearly Deadpool is the logical winner, but what if Lente takes the more illogical route with this comic?

The Punisher could beat Deadpool. Frank Castle is a smart man, and even if he couldn’t kill Deadpool, it is possible to imprison or bind him in some way. The reason this might happen is because it is definitely not the obvious answer, it’s a plot twist. Plot twists are extremely popular in any form of writing – especially these days – as they surprise people and keep them reading. It doesn’t matter if it makes more sense for Deadpool to win. To quote Stan Lee, “So one Question I’m always asked. Who would win in a fight? Who would win in a fight if Galactus fought The Hulk, or if Thor fought Iron Man? And there’s one answer to all of that. It’s so simple, anyone should know this. The person who’d win in a fight is the person that the scriptwriter wants to win! If I’m writing a story, about The Thing, from the Fantastic Four, and he gets into a big fight with Spider-Man, and millions of people out there say Who Would Win? Well, it depends on who I want to win if I’m writing the script. If I want Spider-Man to win, he’ll win. If I want the Thing to win, he’ll win. These are fictitious characters, the writer can do whatever he wants with them! So stop asking those questions, ’cause I’ve had it with that. So, according to Stan Lee himself, it’s really just the writer’s opinion that matters.

Of course, it is possible that their battle will end in a draw so that us geeks can continue to argue about it! Who do you think will win, and who do you want to win? Deadpool vs. The Punisher hits shelves this April!

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