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Washington DC went vampiric for an Underworld New Year’s Eve

The premiere of Underworld: Blood Wars is on the horizon, and a lot of us are pretty excited. The rumored final movie in the Underworld franchise is the story of Death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale), as she defends against attacks from both the Lycan clan and the vampires who betrayed her. Selene will team up with allies David (Theo James) and Thomas (Peter Andersson) as she attempts to end the eternal war between the two races…even if it means sacrificing her own life.

In anticipation of the film, Spellbound, a Washington, DC goth-industrial nightclub, joined forces with Sony Pictures on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the franchise & its cult following. Throughout the night, the club played scenes from the previous movies and the upcoming film on their large screen TV, the bartenders poured drinks, and the crowd danced the night away while dressed in their vampiric goth finest.


Host Lori Beth (a long-time fixture in the goth scene) organized a wonderful night, gave away posters for the new movie and tickets to the premiere to one lucky couple who won the costume contest, while DJs Neidermeyer & Shade spun some amazing old & new school goth-industrial music to enhance the theme of the evening, and kept the dance floor packed all night.


DJ Neidermeyer, Lori Beth, & DJ Shade

The costumes & outfits were second to none, of course. The bar for those was set the moment that guests arrived, as they were greeted by the night’s “Guardian of the Gate”, who goes by the moniker ‘Poison’. Her fangs & ice blue contact lenses truly showed everyone a glimpse of what the night would bring. The finery continued as other fanged, contact-lensed, and Victorian-garbed patrons showed up to bid farewell to 2016.

Poison, the Guardian of the Gate

Poison, the Guardian of the Gate

Feline & Mistress A.

Feline & Mistress A.

The outfits were all stunning

The outfits were all stunning

Mistress A. and Belle Bredehoft's Crazy Cosplay

Mistress A. and Belle Bredehoft’s Crazy Cosplay

As the music pounded, and the clock wound down to midnight, champagne was poured for all who chose to have some. Many memories (and probably a few dark embraces) were shared amongst the long-time patrons of this longest-running goth-industrial night in Washington, DC, along with expressions of camaraderie, and hopes for many more events like this one.

If you are ever in the Washington, DC area on a Saturday night, and would like to check out something a little darker & more esoteric than your standard nightlife, I’m sure that the staff at Spellbound would welcome you with open arms.

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