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Review Brew: Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #5

Writer: Dave Justus & Matthew Sturges
Artist: Travis G. Moore
Colors: Michael Wiggam
Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Price: $3.99

From the first issue of Everafter, I was hooked from the beginning. A fables agency that operates like the CIA, and deals with threats from the shadows. This latest issue concludes the first arc of the series, and has the team of Peter Piper and Connor Wolf trying to stop revenants from destroying the world. On the flipside of that, Bo Beep is sent on a mission to terminate Jordan Yow, a little girl with vast magical powers. I enjoyed how the two the stories conclude in this title, as it wraps up everything pretty well, but leaves you with a few hints, that may come into play down the line. The writing is fantastic, and delves into being a fable, and how their organization maybe halting the progress of new fables from being created. It also shows that you have to make some tough choices when dealing with supernatural threats, even if some people are caught in the crossfire. I had no problems with the dialog, and the pacing was solid overall.

The art is great, and captures the whimsical and serious tone of the story. The characters are surprisingly detailed, coupled with the supernatural creatures that do appear. The action is handled well, and shows the dangerous nature of the revenants. They literally rip a guy’s head off and tear out his intestines. Just seeing how the characters react was pretty funny, not to mention scary. I loved the colors, and the way they look overlaid on the ghosts to make them seem like they’re still human. Colors also play a small part in the story, and it works very well.

Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #5 ends with a solid conclusion to this arc, and sets up some interesting elements that may happen in the future. The writers do an impressive job of giving you an engaging story that leaves you hooked. The art is great, and the colors bring it all together. One criticism I do have, is down the line, I hope that not all the big threats will end with a deal. If you’re a fan of the Fable universe or The Wolf Among Us, check this new series out.

4.5 Bo Beeps out of 5

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