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The Cosplay of 2016

The part I love the most about cosplay is how creative we all can be.  2016 was no different.  Many cosplayers stepped up this year to show what they can do with not only well known characters, but many new ones, under rated ones as well as their own creations.

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The best part is that cosplayers not only stepped up their creative game but many of them also served in many community service events as well. Others served as mentors in helping people with issues become more acclimated with the cosplay community. What we must remember as cosplayers is that this is supposed to be an inclusive community. It is supposed to be a community that respects people regardless of their background, gender, culture or skin color.

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The biggest lesson that we must strive to continue to teach into 2017 is tolerance and acceptance.  We must continue to teach that whatever you want to cosplay, DO IT.  If you are unsure of yourself, find positive role models who will guide you through.  We must also teach that what we do affects the younger generation as well and if they see us in a positive light, they will follow and pass on our knowledge.  The cosplay community has to make sure that our environment stays safe and fun so that all can enjoy it.

The entries below showcase a diverse array of people from different backgrounds. Some are just starting out; others have been around for a while.   The goal is to show just a slice of what our community looks like and what we do to make this community a better one.

I personally would like to thank everyone that answered the call and hope that what you did in 2016 continues into 2017.  This means a lot for all of us.

Harry – Bishop Cosplay

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