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Review Brew: Mother Panic #2

Writer: Jody Houser
Illustrator: Tommy Lee Edwards
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99

I would like to start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if it’s your kind of comic, you should pick it up. The second issue of Mother Panic was written by Jody Houser (known for Faith and Orphan Black). Jody’s writing was intense, I would definitely say this isn’t a comic for kids. It’s dark and shows another side of Gotham which is a much more intense Gotham than what is currently being done in Batman and Detective Comics. Jody writes Mother Panic into this darker side of Gotham so perfectly and profoundly, it feels like you are really there. I had a bit of trouble holding onto the story though; it just didn’t pull me in. Mother Panic is an interesting and more hard core addition to the usual Gotham crew, and I like that she is being kept separate from the Bat Family for the most part. It’s interesting to see this darker side of Gotham where they aren’t afraid to show blood and violence, talk about more adult and real things like Gotham’s drug problem for example, and let you see what a dangerous city Gotham really is. It wasn’t exactly one of those books that you just can’t put down, but it was still pretty interesting. I hope it becomes more enthralling as the story goes on in the next few issues.

The art of Mother Panic issue two was done by Tommy Lee Edwards. Tommy is known for titles such as  Bullet Points, Turf, and The Slab. I love Tommy’s art, I really do. His way of making it dark and gritty goes along great with the story. The tone of his art is a good fit, however I find Tommy’s characters and settings to all look fairly similar. They look great, but I wish they were just a little more recognizable. I should be able to pull our main characters face out of a crowd, but I have trouble doing so.

Mother Panic’s writing is interesting, its art is suiting to the story, and it really is a good book. I have minor complaints, but in the end I would rate this comic 3 Gotham Vigilantes out of 5!

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