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Review Brew: X-Files 2016 Christmas Special Review

Writer: Joe Harris
Artist: Wayne Nichols
Colorist: Sebastian Cheng
Publisher: IDW Comics
Price: 7.99

The X-Files 2016 Christmas special is written by Joe Harris, who worked on Great Pacific and Snowfall, he also writes the monthly issues of X-Files.

This comic was fun, comedic, and well written. If you’re looking for a creepy or scary X-Files story like the show was known for, this is not the comic you’re looking for. It’s a holiday special, so less creepy, more fun! It really was a great book though, focusing primarily on Mulder and his entertaining, Scrooge like, Christmas adventure. Featuring some of the X-Files characters you love (or hate haha) as the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. As well as a surprising visit from someone from Mulder’s past. As a long time X-Files fan, I had a lot of fun with it and appreciate the love that was obviously put into it.

The art of this comic was done by Wayne Nichols, whom you may recognize from various DC comics or Orphan Black comics.  His art in this book is beautifully detailed, with a clean and realistic look to it. The way he draws the streets and places we visit in the comic are amazingly detailed, the more you look at the panels, and the more detail and attention you notice.  With the characters in this book being modeled after actors from the show, I would like to note that he did a good job making them look like the actors. Sebastian Cheng’s deep colors complete Nicholas’ art perfectly.

All in all, as far as writing goes, I highly recommend this book to any X-Files fan looking for a fun story with great art.

I rate this book four Mulders out of five!



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