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Star Wars Rebels S3E8: The Wynkahthu Job

We get another respite episode of Rebels this week with “The Wynkahthu Job,” a silly heist episode that brings back Hondo. The episode’s plot will annoy some and delight others, but suffice it to say there’s no progress in either the Maul or Thrawn storylines running through the season. “The Wynkahthu Job” is a disposable heist episode, yet it’s still fun.

So Hondo’s back this week, and he’s brought the corpulent gangster Azmorigan (who we’ve seen twice before on the show) with him. Hondo’s become aware of a derelict ship caught in a storm over Wynkahthu, and it’s doomed to crash into the ship’s atmosphere in a few hours. However, it’s full of much-needed proton bombs for the Rebellion, and cold, hard cash for Hondo and Azmorigan. The criminals and the Ghost crew agree to team up to get both out, with Zeb, Chopper, and Ezra going over to the wreck.

There’s some hard lessons in teamwork and trust in this episode, especially when Zeb is put in charge of the operation. (Ezra doesn’t care for this, but then, he’s on a demotion after his botched leadership in the premiere.) Ezra thinks he owes Hondo and needs to help him load his money, but Zeb’s goal is to load the bombs, priority one. Hondo and Azmorigan aren’t really there to help the Ghost gang or even each other–money is the goal, and if somebody should be left behind, oh well. In fact, turns out Hondo has already been on this ship and had to abandon his efforts the first time–and he left behind his Ugnaught partner Melch, who really didn’t like being left on a sinking ship.

So of course, things go wrong. There’s no overt betrayals, but Azmorigan goes missing and it turns out he’s been captured by a loose Imperial sentry that was reactivated when the crew restores the ship’s power. Our cast enters into an uneasy alliance to mutually escape the fast-sinking ship and get their goods, but it’s obvious that everyone is interested in self-preservation above all else.

Things do work out in the end, with the Rebels getting their bombs and Hondo and Azmorigan getting a whole lot of nothing (except the Ugnaught, who hid in the treasure chest knowing the crooks would rescue that first). Still, the Rebels don’t exactly walk away clean here. Zeb is mission-focused enough that before the crash, his goal is to load bombs first and treasure second even though it’s supposed to be a mutual effort. Yes, he’s got his military mission, but it is telling that the alliance with Hondo really means “help you when it’s convenient.” And Chopper–that little droid is a colossal ass this episode, rocketing off the ship at the first chance. Zeb’s curse of “I hope your fuel runs out!” is as comical as it is telling about the whole situation.

Point is, for a “clean” episode, this week’s episode of Rebels suggests that our crew isn’t quite as altruistic as we’d like them to be. It’s not the focus of the episode, but there really are hints that at least Zeb and definitely Chopper have their flaws beneath the surface.

Rating: Three Ghosts out of five.


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