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Nintendo’s rumor mill is on full blast regarding the Switch console

*PLEASE NOTE:* What follows is a collection of RUMORS about the Nintendo Switch. Please remember that Nintendo has not officially revealed anything, and does not plan to until January 13th, 2017.

Back in October, we brought you the news of Nintendo revealing details about their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. Well, as is the norm for new consoles, some more details have recently been leaked about Nintendo’s new offering, and the company rumor mill seems to be leaking like a sieve. How about a new battle mode for Mario Kart 8, and possibly even having Skyrim: Special Edition as a day one title?

According to Laura Dale, of Let’s Play Video Games, Nintendo has determined that a remastered version of Splatoon would come bundled with the more expensive of the two Switch models. Yes, you heard that right…there will most likely be TWO models of the Nintendo Switch, with one selling for an expected price of around £199.99 ($248.43) and the more expensive for around £249.99 ($310.54). Not only will the higher-priced model come bundled with Splatoon, but it will also have more internal storage space.

Ms. Dale also agrees with recent rumors that Zelda: Breath of Fire will not be available on the Switch’s launch day, in addition to the game being delayed on the Wii U, but that what gamers WILL see on day one will be the Mario game shown in the Switch’s reveal trailer. The game is rumored to be the Switch’s main launch title, and is described as very much in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, rather than the more linear Super Mario 3D World.

Sure, all of this information sounds great, right? That’s not all, though! Emily Rodgers (of the Arcade Girl 64 blog) has claimed insider knowledge of the Mario Kart remaster, which we also caught a glimpse of in the Switch trailer. According to Ms. Rodgers, the remastered version of the game will include every piece of existing Wii U content, as well as its two DLC packs (even though most of us would assume that this was a given). On top of all of this, dear readers, we could expect to see a new battle mode, new tracks, and new playable characters (King Boo is in the trailer, after all). With the original Mario Kart 8, a big complaint from players was that the battle mode was lacking. The mode’s popularity has also been waning with each Mario Kart iteration.

2847378-pwing_bigblueAre you jumping on the hype train for the Nintendo Switch, dear readers? What do you think of the rumored line-up of games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned to Pop Culture Uncovered as we continue to bring you more information!

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