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The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Hearthstone’s New Card Expansion

Prepare, all you Hearthstone champions, to enter the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan! Blizzard has announced its most recent expansion to their popular online card game. Set in the infamous Goblin-town in the Tanaris desert, players will be introduced to several factions and new cards, including multi-class cards.

The factions that compete for control of Gadgetzan are grouped depending on the classes you play. The Grimy Goons are the hired muscle, the Hunters, Paladins and Warriors that hit you with blade, bow, and hammer. The arcane underworld is run by the Kabal, the Mage, Priest, and Warlock casters dealing in spells and artifacts. The final class, the Jade Lotus, represents the mystical and clandestine, formed by Druids, Rogues, and Shamans wielding ancient arts. Each faction will also have its twist, although there’s no information yet on what that might entail.

The expansion itself will consist of 132 new cards – like previous releases – including a variety of new Pirate cards. Players can purchase card packs through the Shop at regular prices, including a pre-order of 50 packs for $49.99. Also, expansion cards can be crafted through Arcane Dust and packs can be earned through the Arena. One big disappointment is a lack of a new card back, as has been the case with previous releases.

Each faction will also have something new: multi-class cards which can be used by any of their listed classes. These are neutral cards which only work for the faction listed, and are supposedly designed with the different class approaches in mind. One of the most notable is Kazakus; a Legendary card for the Kabal faction, which allows you to craft a custom spell! Sadly, the mechanics of how players will do that aren’t yet known, which makes the usefulness of that card remain in question.

So, dust off your best deck, dress up your champion, and let’s hit those streets of neon and shadow. It’s time to fight for control of the City of Opportunity! Do you have what it takes to hit the big time? Or will you end up as just another squire, sleeping with the fishes?

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