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5 Things I Need in the 2017 Power Rangers Movie

Have you seen this picture?


That’s me. I adored the Power Rangers as a child, and the movie was about the best thing that could happen to me. Now that I’m older and know better…I’m still going to see the 2017 movie. Nostalgia demands it!

It also demands the following:

1. An Awesome Morphing Sequence


If you feel yourself going into epileptic shock, welcome to your first Power Rangers experience.

Nothing makes an old-school Power Rangers fan squee like the words “It’s Morphin’ Time!”





“Saber-Tooth Tiger!”


*super flips, killer pose*

“Power Rangers!” 


…what? I didn’t say we need to do that exact thing. I’m just saying make me feel as excited as I did back then. Let’s try to recapture some of that magic, shall we?

2. Awesome Zord/Megazord Fights


The zords are the Power Rangers’ giant robot dinosaurs (made in Japan, yo). On the show, they never did much individually because they only existed to combine into the megazord, a super-robot chock-full of so-bad-it’s-good-ness.

First off, have the individual zords do something. I’d like to actually see what makes each one unique and special as opposed to just parts of a greater whole (that’ll preach).

However, even if they don’t, the megazord was the coolest part of any episode, so let’s crank it up to eleven and have some sick robot-on-monster madness.

And if they want to mix in the Dragon Zord and Titanus (forming the Ultrazord, for all you pleebs), that’s cool, too.

Just don’t make it look like Transformers.

3. Jason David Frank


Everyone loves a good cameo (if it’s done right) and the most epic cameo of them all would be Jason David Frank.

Who is he? The actor who played Tommy Oliver, easily the most legendary character in the entire series.

He began as a brainwashed Green Ranger, then turned good, then lost his powers, then came back and led the power rangers as the White Ranger, White Ninja Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, and Red Turbo Ranger, not to mention leading The 1995 Power Rangers Movie before leaving. He returned as a mentor and Black Ranger in the Dino Thunder series and also reprised his role in two team-up episodes in the Wildforce and Super Mega Force runs.

Yeah, he’s pretty epic.

Jason David Frank, a real-life martial arts demigod, brought a power and charisma to the character of Tommy, and better yet, he’s said that he would be willing to play a part in the Lionsgate movie. While he may be beyond his Ranger days (well, sort of) it would be amazing to see him playing somebody, perhaps a veteran Tommy helping the next generation.

Shoot, have him playing a janitor in the background with one innocuous line and an entire generation will still squeal with delight.

Fingers crossed!

4. A Green Ranger or Lord Zedd Sequelbait


I can’t believe I found these two in the same picture!

Thanks to comic book movies and dangerous amounts of studio confidence, I’m 100% positive there will be a teaser scene for the next movie. I’m cool as long as it has one of two characters:

  1. A) Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, but we already talked about him.
  2. B) Lord Zedd. Zedd’s freakish design is inspired and he was the villain who came right after Rita Repulsa, who is this movie’s antagonist, so a logical step up, right?

5. The Theme Song

Even if you hate Power Rangers, you must admit that theme song is wicked awesome. Monstrous guitar shreds, thunderous drum beats, screeching riffs, the song exudes a colossal amount of raw energy.

Just like the show, really. It wasn’t great art, but there’s an undeniable passion and, well, power.

Learn from the theme song, movie, and don’t you dare call yourself Mighty Morphin Power Rangers unless you’re willing to whip out an electric guitar, crank up the amp, and headbang your way to victory.

Go! Go!

Are you looking forward to the movie, even secretly? What would you want to see?

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