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Review Brew: Battlestar Galactica Gods & Monsters #1

Writer: Karl Kesel
Art: Alec Morgan & Dan Schkade
Colors: Chris O’Halloran
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99

Karl Kesel brings us a new story of the struggle of human-kind against the mighty Cylons during their pilgrimage to find Earth in Gods & Monsters. As with the most recent television version, this story centers on the eccentricities of Dr. Gaius Baltar.  The spotlight has been shifted off of his brilliant works due to the fact that Chief Tyrol has created a new fighter ship that can finally keep up with the Cylon threat. As humility is not Baltar’s strong-suit, he devises a plan to use the spare parts from the destroyed remnants of Centurions used in a failed attack upon Galactica to create a new, human commanded Centurion. Gaining the tentative backing of Adama and enlisting the help of the captive Cylon agent Sharon, he begins his work, but as per usual, the good Doctor always has an ulterior motive and something up his sleeve.

It is nice to see additional stories brought to the Battlestar Galactica universe, and I applaud both Kesel and Dynamite for the effort. While there is nothing wrong with the plotline, which certainly fits into the narrative, I simply felt a “been there, done that” vibe that I couldn’t shake. There was nothing wholly new or revealing for me. Morgan & Schkade are great artists that use harsh edges to convey a harsh world, and their take on Gaius is stunning. Here, he is portrayed as almost a weasel of a man, which truly conveys his sinister soul. The art really is the best part of this title.

I am glad to have new BSG tales to devour, and while this pilot issue wasn’t everything that I wanted, I am confident that future issues will bring the series into focus and will entertain for months to come.

2.5 Blackbirds out of 5

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