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‘Extra Life’ Brings Gamers Together to Save Lives

Co-written by Michael Blaylock

Has anyone ever told you that your gaming was “a waste of time”? Well, we’re about to throw that notion out the window in a mere three weeks, by gaming to help save the lives of kids…with Extra Life.

Extra Life is a massive, worldwide gaming event, allowing gamers to play the games they love, while simultaneously making a difference in the lives of kids who really need it. Since its inception in 2008, the event brings together thousands of gamers every autumn, to play the games we love for a great cause. Gamers of all styles – be it console, PC, tabletop, or even lawn sports – unite to work toward that one common goal: raising as much money as possible for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

Extra Life has continuously evolved since its roots as a 24-hour gaming marathon eight years ago. Gamers of all types now participate in a variety of ways, even though most still attempt the round-the-clock test of endurance and will. Since the early years of Extra Life, the number of participants has steadily increased. In 2015, in fact, that number reached 55,000!

WHEN:  November 5, 2016 @ 8:00 AM (Or pick a date that works for you!)

WHERE:  Anywhere you like to game (Most people play from home!)

GAME/PLATFORM:  Play any games you want, on any platforms you want. Including mobile devices or board games!

One of the beautiful things about this event is that all proceeds stay local, meaning that they actually go to support the hospital(s) to which they were donated. To date, gamers have raised over $22 million – more than $8 million of was raised just last year alone! Regardless of how anyone chooses to contribute, however, the process has remained the same. For those interested, all it takes is a few simple steps:

  • First, sign up for the event. There are two tiers for sign-up: Classic and Platinum. The Classic registration is free and allows players a few digital incentives. For those who want to go all-in, Platinum registration costs $15, but allows higher grade unlocks. It even gets you an event T-shirt if you hit the $200 fundraising mark! If you’re really not sure which to choose, you can always register for free and then upgrade at a later time.
  • Second, gather support from friends, family, colleagues, etc. Using your donation page, spread the word and garner as many donations as you can. This page allows them to make a tax-deductible donation to your local Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospital. Donations can be in the form of monthly pledges or one-time gifts.
  • Finally, if you choose to participate in the 24-hour marathon, that’s where the real fun starts! On November 5th, 2016, starting at 8:00 am, all you have to do is play any game, in any way, for as long as you want (or can). Some people choose to broadcast their participation via Twitch or similar channels, while others simply have fun with friends. The most important part is to have fun while doing it. It’s that simple!

Several of us here at PCU are gamers. Therefore, we’re going to do what we can to take part in this awesome event, and we’d be honored to play alongside you, dear readers. Whether you wish to join in yourself, or simply donate some money to the cause, please do what you can. With our combined efforts, we can help save lives, and make a difference worldwide. Let’s play our hearts out on November 5th, and break last year’s $8.3 million record!

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