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Sneak Peek at The Walking Dead premiere

We are only a couple weeks away from finally learning which Rick minion will experience Lucile’s kiss, but thanks to the AMC panel at NYCC, we know for sure that it won’t be the leader himself.

The sneak peek has Rick promising Negan that he will kill him. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. This leaves the wise cracking Savior front man in a situation to prove his dominance, taking Rick’s hatchet and him into an RV. Is it a scare tactic or will Rick’s hand finally go bye bye? We are left with the image of a pile of broken humanity with the brains, bones, and awfulness. It’s a chock full sequence that leaves die hard fans drooling for more.

Who do you think will meet a grizzly demise at the hands of Negan? Will the show line up with the comic? Let us know, good reader, what you are looking forward to in Season 7.

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