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Review Brew: Death of Hawkman #1

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Pencils: Aaron Lopresti
Inks: John Livesay
Colors: Blond
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99

With DC’s “Rebirth” still going on, we get a miniseries featuring Hawkman and Adam Strange, two characters who haven’t appeared in DC comics outside of last year’s Justice League United. After reading this title, I was surprised that it was a good and entertaining first issue. The title is Death of Hawkman, but it doesn’t get to that point yet. The story mostly follows Adam Strange, as he tries to figure out how Rann is in utter turmoil following attacks by Thanagarians.

Writer Marc Andreyko does a fantastic job of setting up the issue and giving you Adam Strange’s origin at the same time. I know a little about Adam Strange’s origin, but Andreyko makes Strange feel just like the average guy, before being zeta-beamed back to Ran, and continuing his time as a space hero. The flashbacks do play a big part of why Strange is there on Ran, and how he uses his old “Justice League” credentials to get him into some very familiar places. Strange having connections to the “Justice League” did bother me, because other than the JLU, he hasn’t been with the “Justice League” as of yet. Hawkman doesn’t appear much in this issue, but mostly likely will appear in the next issue. The writing was good and presents a strong narrative in this first issue. The pacing was well done as the story unfolds. I did wish Hawkman got more screen time, but with the title being as it is, he’ll probably get a lot more in the coming issues.

Artist Aaron Lopresti handles the interior art with a great degree. The line work and characters designs are phenomenal. I enjoyed seeing Adam being the space hero, then switching back to his civilian life. It makes the guy feel like he’s one of us. The inks by John Livesay flesh out the interiors and add to the artwork. Colorist Blond is back at again, laying down the beautiful color palette and making the pages pop with color.

Death of Hawkman #1 is off to a strong start as Adam Strange tries to piece together what has happened to Rann. The team working on this did an incredible job on this first issue, and I can’t wait to read the next one. If you’re a fan of either of these heroes or the creative team, check this title out.

4.5 Adam Stranges out of 5

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