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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Footage Shows Classic Opening Mission

How could Final Fantasy fans forget the opening of FFVII? Not just Aeris walking through the streets or the sweeping view of Midgar, but the opening mission – the attack on Shinra and the introduction to one of the most beloved video game characters ever, Cloud Strife?

Well, you’re all in luck because developer Square-Enix has released some new footage of that opening fights and cut scenes, revamped for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The battle system shown in the video has a tremendous callback to Kingdom Hearts with the menu on the side and what appears to be action-oriented gameplay (as opposed to the original, line-up-and-wait-your-turn style). The other characters still seem to fight in the background, but the camera does focus on both Cloud and Barret, so hopefully players will be able to control all characters, unlike Final Fantasy XIII (what, Hope dies and everybody else just gives up? Come on.).

While the ATB gauge, a staple of the series is nowhere to be seen, I did spot what seems to be the Limit Break meter in the bottom-right. Whenever it was full, it flashed red and the characters performed a Limit Attack (like Cloud’s “Braver” and Barret’s “Big Shot”).

It’s good to see a both familiarity and ingenuity in the system’s remake.

Speaking of which, fans are sure to squee when they see Cloud jumping off the train. Square-Enix teased the world with that very graphic in a PS3 tech demo in 2005 (how inferior it looks now!), a demo which first sparked the rumors that a remake would come.

Cloud’s final pose in this video seems to say, “You asked for it, you got it.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake still has no current release date.

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