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Review Brew: Frostbite #1

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Color Artist: Luis NCT
Publisher: Vertigo
Price: $3.99

With the world in its second ice age, heat is seen as a commodity, and a disease known as “Frostbite” is turning people into ice. The only hope for humanity lies with Keaton, as she transports a pair of doctors that can help change the world, but the journey isn’t going to be easy.

With that in mind, the premise is pretty solid. The writing is not bad, and sets up the conflict with the doctors, and the antagonist Fuego. The use of “Frostbite” as a disease is different and makes the world much dangerous place. We don’t know much about Fuego or his plans, but he just needs the doctors. The dialog is fine, and does explain how the world ended up as it is. The pacing wasn’t bad, but I wished the plot moved along a lot quicker. I liked Keaton, she’s an interesting character and seeing the world from her point of view is nice.

The artwork by Jason Shawn Alexander looks amazing. The visuals are haunting and bleak with the ice encompassing the world. I love how he adds grainy texture to some of the panels, it adds that extra detail to the scenery. In one panel, in particular, a man succumbed to frostbite, which looks visually stunning as his body turns to ice. The characters look good and their clothing looks interesting. The few pages of action in the story is surprisingly fast and intense. It’s handled well and looks great. The colors by Luis NCT makes the art looks incredible.

Frostbite #1 is an enjoyable read, and introduces some new elements in a world covered in ice. The art is phenomenal and the colors bring out the desolate world. If you’re a fan of Joshua Williamson, Jason Shawn Alexander, or Luis NCT, you should check this title out.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5.


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