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The Blacklist Season 4 Premiere

Cast: James Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold, Diego Klattenhoff

Where we left off

Liz Keen faked her own demise, planned with her husband and baby daddy Tom. Red learns of the ruse but while the happy family secludes away in Cuba, the mysterious, and quite possibly dangerous, Alexander Kirk, kidnaps Liz and reveals to her that he is in fact her biological father. Da da dummmmmm.

Where we pick up

Cuba can’t handle Red. His ruthlessness knows no bounds in his search for Elizabeth. Local law enforcement, drug lords, they are no match for an angry Raymond. But when Liz charges Red to go save baby Agnes, he momentary changes his course.

Come on man!!!

The FBI crew now realize that Liz not only lied, betrayed, and used them, but her best chance for returning to a normal legitimate life is them. They will have to swallow their pride and put away their anger for the time being to work a Blacklist case that is integral to helping Keen.

It’s not easy being Tom

His perfect plan of faking his wife’s death, reuniting with her and their infant child in paradise, and living happily ever after went a bit sideways. It fell apart quickly with Elizabeth captured, and Tom having the living hell kicked out of him, and then getting his daughter ripped away before getting the customary “dig your own grave” scene. Hey, let’s have a low-level thug take care of the world class assassin! Yeah…no.

Red to the rescue?

The ending of course is unresolved- what good premiere isn’t? But the last scene even shocked an old TV veteran like me.  The set-up for season 4 is complete and it looks to be high octane.

4.5 secret prisons out of 5

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