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Team Up With Deadsec In the New Watch_Dogs 2 Story Trailer

Ubisoft US just released a story mode trailer for its upcoming Watch_Dogs 2 game. The trailer sees our new protagonist Marcus Holloway being discovered by, and getting fairly chummy with the Dedsec group (a group of elite hackers), and then getting down to the matter at hand. That matter, is stopping the plans of Blume’s CTO (and certified new age jackwagon) Dusan Nemec, and protecting the data of private citizens.

In the sequel to 2014’s PS3 exclusive, players will be able to hack things like vehicles, drones, and even battery operated toys, in order to complete objectives that are set out for them. The parkour aspect also returns in this iteration, allowing for some interesting freedom of movement through the developer’s fictionalized version of San Francisco, and the combat seems to get even more fierce.

Music will also have a bigger presence than it did in the first game, with the return of the create-your-own-playlist feature, but also with radio stations that players can flip through – much like the stations in the Grand Theft Auto series of games. Genres like hip-hop, EDM, rock, reggae, and classical will be accessible, as well as several well-known musical artists (Afrika Bambaata, N.E.R.D., or Eric B. & Rakim, anyone?).

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled for worldwide release on November 15th, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Ubisoft has also stated that there will be six separate editions of the game, each with varying levels of extra physical extras. However, the first post-launch DLC will be exclusive on PS4 for 30 days, before it is released to the other platforms.

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