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Is Cosplay Character over-saturation a bad thing?

Over the years cosplaying has really grown to high levels of excitement. Many cosplayers go above and beyond the call of duty to portray a character they love. Many times, of course, when a new movie, game or TV show comes out, many fans will gravitate towards that in order to put their spin on that character. This year with releases such as Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad, we have seen a plethora of cosplayers take on Deadpool, Black Panther, and Harley Quinn – as well as many others.

Some however, have stated that sometimes there are entirely too many people who cosplay certain characters, and it can sometimes take away from the originality of portraying those characters. So, we asked the cosplaying community if they thought if there was an over-saturation of certain characters.

Here is what they said:

Ashley M. – Honestly, it doesn’t bother me, but let’s just say that I’m not rushing to pull out my camera phone. My phone can’t handle too much Harley.

Chae M. – I think it’s a given that any comic book movie that comes out right before a con is going to have everyone and their meemaw cosplaying it. Honestly, I like all the Deadpool costumes though! My little brother wants to dress as a Deadpool for con next year

Dee M. – I don’t mind it if there are 45 Harleys or Jokers, especially since there are usually different interpretations, but I’m always glad that I’m not one of them

Nelson W. – Nothing to cause any alarm about. All over-saturations correct themselves over time, usually replaced by something else that becomes the next big thing.

Tiffron C. – I don’t mind it because they’re doing it for them, not for me. It’s fine as long as they’re enjoying themselves. Now, what I do mind, is a spandex Deadpool with no dance belt trying to be funny in front of me or photobombing my shots. I don’t enjoy having ‘moments’ on the con floor.

Jonathan Y. – I’m not bothered by it. Depending on what you’re cosplaying; it could lead to epic pictures.

Fenny L. – On one hand, there’s no “pre-registering” costumes so there’s no telling who is going to wear what (and what will be crazy popular…I didn’t see a single Stranger Things cosplay at BCC, and I would have thought that it would have been gangbusters). I mean, it’s not like the old days of LJ were we would all “call dibs” on cosplays. But at the same time, I do want to highly urge people to be creative in their cosplays (which is kind of the point of cosplay). If you are doing a super popular character, perhaps do a twist on it to make it your own so you’ll stand out and really “own” that character (or at least put some effort into it).
A good example of this is the Loki cosplayers; there are a billion Loki cosplayers at every con, but it seems that each one does their own twist on the classic look (either from the movies or the comics). I never get tired of the Loki cosplayers – even though there are probably just as many of them as there are Joker cosplayers.

Jennifer R. – It doesn’t bother me except for the people who start harassing those cosplayers, judging them, calling them bandwagoners, or speaking loudly enough to be overheard about the lack of character originality.
Cosplaying isn’t about being the most original, it’s about having fun. The really obscure cosplays are often overlooked because people don’t know who they are, and yet if too many people know who you are and obviously also love the character, that’s supposed to be a bad thing?
The only problems I see with over-saturation are the people who have a problem with over-saturation.

Paula B. – I think cosplay shaming is a bigger problem than over-saturation. People criticizing others for not being the right body type for a character, or their costume being store bought. I say, Rock It, if that’s what you like. I wear Capt. America: First Avenger and get criticized for being a girl. I don’t do “sexy” girl Cap, so people seem to think it’s okay to make remarks. Sorry fat guy in the NFL jersey- it’s no different!

Corey M. – I have no issues whatsoever with “over-saturation” of any particular character. What I really like in the case of Deadpool and Spidey, is that cosplayers know that there’s going to be a lot of them, so they’re now working on changing up their outfits, so that they still stand out in the crowd.
The increase in the amount of Deadpool and Spidey cosplays has actually resulted in greater creativity.

So, there you have it from cosplayers. Go out, be yourself (or in this case someone else), have fun with it, and don’t let others ruin it for you. Cosplaying is a great way to meet new people, and even if there is more than one person wearing the same costume, many will find ways to work it to their advantage. There is nothing wrong with a” lil’ too much” of a good thing!

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