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Review Brew: The Great Divide #1

Writer: Ben Fisher
Art: Adam Markiewitcz
Colors: Adam Guzowski
Publisher: Dynamite
Release Date: September 7
Price: $3.99

The Roadkill Saloon. It is a perfect setting for the beginning of the end. Attractive woman dancing toplessly, fine gentlemen enjoying the selection of top shelf liquors, when suddenly, a yuppie soccer dad busts in looking for a phone. The clientele attempt to assist the agitated newcomer who exclaims that he has just killed his own family. As a patron comes into physical contact with the man,  the patrons face literally explodes in a nightmare of blood. The new normal for human-kind is The Great Divide.

Ben Fisher  (Smuggling Spirits) has created a new apocalyptic title for Dynamite Entertainment, in which mankind no longer has the ability to physically interact with one another, as a simple touch can kill. Coupled with the ability to hear your victim’s screams prior to their death, the new dystopia is both physically and psychologically daunting. After a disturbing prologue, we are introduced to Paul, a man just trying to survive in this crazy vision of the future. Stealing, killing, and con games are the new norm in this society. He has a meeting with a faction member for trade, only to be mugged and on the wrong end of a tire iron. After coming to, he finds his way to a trading post, where he discovers his assailant, Maria,  is in charge of the barters, with his own stolen gear on display. In a world where touching can kill, porn magazines are a hot commodity and worth quite a bit, and still having one in his possession gets him some needed supplies. An offhanded comment on the expiration date on some medication for sale tips his hand that he has some prior medical training which Maria tries to use when a heist goes south. Paul finds himself in a dangerous situation trying to give first aid while staring down the barrel of a gun.

Fisher has created an interesting world that begs the question, how do we survive without physical interaction? Something as simple as a handshake, a bump of the shoulders on the subway, a million interactions that we do not even give a second thought to on a daily basis are now a death sentence in Fisher’s future. It is a fascinating concept and I am interested to see where the story takes us. Adam Markiewicz (Trench Coat Samurai) brings a raw quality to the landscape, which fits in perfectly with the storytelling. He uses harsh lines and bleak backdrops to convey the somberness of the situations while expertly conveying the emotions of the players in the tale. The market is over-saturated with dystopian stories, but The Great Divide has a unique caveat that should make it stand out.

4 cred out of 5

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