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Studio MDHR’s ‘Cuphead’ brings back the feel of 1930s cartoons.

Do you all remember Merrie Melodies? Those musical cartoons from the 1930s, made by the studios who would eventually bring us Looney Tunes?  These were the cartoons on which your parents and/or grandparents grew up.

Well, Studio MDHR is on a mission to bring the feel of those silly, fun, and sometimes creepy cartoons into the world of video games with the upcoming game, Cuphead. In the game, Cuphead & Mugman lost a bet to the Devil, and now they have to do his bidding! Their adventures will take them across zany stages, where they must master different weapons, fight furious adversaries, and take down bosses who fill the screen! Players can select either of the two characters (or play in a co-op mode) as they fight to save the land.


Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game that focuses heavily on boss battles. It’s inspired by those Merrie Melodies cartoons, even going so far as to have hand drawn & hand inked cell animation.  The visuals of the game also include watercolor backgrounds, and the audio offers original jazz recordings to go along with the adventures of Cuphead & Mugman.

Cuphead is slated for release this year on Xbox One & Steam.  No word yet on whether or not there will be a PlayStation version.

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