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Review Brew: Rumble #13

Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: James Harren 
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.50

Rumble returns this week, and a lot is going on in this issue. Timah reveals something about her past, Rathraq and Del are in jail, and Asura has plans for Rathraqs body.

Surprisingly the story focuses on Timah and Asura with only a few pages on Del and Rathraq. The story isn’t bad and John Arcudi does a phenomenal job of managing the three separate points of view. The writing is still satisfying and keeps your attention with the humor, sadness,  and grittiness. The character Timah has been in the series for awhile now, and we don’t know much about her, except that she’s a nurse. I liked how Arcudi tackles her backstory, even though it’s a little short. It adds some emotional scenes to the story and fleshes her character out a little more. Asuras plan is interesting, as he wants to get Raths heart and keep his body. The way he goes about it, is dumb. It could come to fruition later on, but for now, it doesn’t work. Del and Rath being in jail covers the humor parts of the story, but leads all characters to a surprising conclusion.

James Harren knocks it out the park with his art. He captures the script with a great degree and manages to make this issue look amazing. Characters still have a unique look to them and the linework is impressive. The emotional scenes are handled well. The action is intense and suffocating, with the amount of enemies on the page. I’m still amazed how Harren can create various types of esu without them looking so similar. The colors bring out the look of the characters and environments. Even the esu creatures, have contrasting colors to make them stand apart and enhance the sound effects in the different scenes.

Rumble #13 comes back with a vengeance and keeps you enthralled. The issue is a slow burn, but quickly picks up the pace and moves at a steady pace. The writing is exceptional and the handling of the story is done well. I don’t have any big negatives, outside of certain character motivations. I love the art and colors which still looks astounding. I’m curious as to how this latest arc is going to turn out.

4 Rathraq hearts out of 5

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