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SpartaCon II impresses

Despite the heat and humidity, many fans came out to SpartaCon II held in Waldorf MD.


The biggest message during the weekend was for all to stay hydrated especially for those who took part of the gladiatorial workshop.


Again, with the size of the con, it was really great for fans to have a chance to interact with guests from the show such as Liam McIntyre, Ellen Hollman, Jenna Lind, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare and so many more. These guests didn’t just sit behind their tables, they got up and walked the con, they participated in different workshops during the course of the weekend and even attended the after party and mingled with fans.


It was really wonderful for kids as the guests interacted so well.   As a matter for fact, one of my fellow PCUers, Doug T., who attended had a story to share:


While waiting in line to get Manu Bennett’s autograph & a pic, the couple right in front of me were having difficulty comforting their crying son (about 5-6 years old) while also trying to get a pic with Manu.

Manu turns to his handler, gets a Jolly Rancher from her, and gives it to the young boy. He then spoke softly & calmly to the little dude, gave him a hug, & took a video with him (instead of just a selfie). He took his time with the child, making sure that the boy felt better & left with a smile.

Beyond that, he greeted everyone with a smile & enthusiasm, despite having only one meal & no other breaks all day, and talked with me about his experiences not only on Spartacus, but also on Arrow & The Hobbit.

Such a GENUINELY nice guy!


There were so many other stories as well that came from this show and that is one thing I love about it is that if you are lucky and you have time, you don’t just get a moment to say hi and bye, you can have conversations.   I had a chance to talk to Stephen Dunlevy as we talked a bit about Penny Dreadful. I couldn’t spoil it for him as he is on Season two. We also talked again with Ellen Hollman and they are just so happy being together! I also talked to fellow Manchester United supporter Christian Antidormi about footy and what we hope for the season and so much more.


Another funny moment was Manu Bennett talking over the loudspeaker as if he was the voice of a god to would be gladiators and as many looked around searching for the source, we find him casually in the bleachers.


There was also a costume contest that PCU, took part of and we would like to thank all of those who partook and hopefully more will come out next year.


Also, the panels going through the day was a great way to listen to funny stories and anecdotes from the actors and well as finding out who the gamers are. (Hint! Liam is an Xbox One S guy!)

The panels are so entertaining that, if I could suggest something for the next show, it would be to either take some of the show’s most popular episodes or even some sword and sandals epics and do a MST2K viewing format.



All in all this was a great 2nd year con and I can only imagine what will come in 2017.  This is a great con to come to if you are a fan of the show and also you aren’t looking for the hustle and bustle of shows like NYCC.

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