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Review Brew – A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #6

Get ready to hit the road with A&A.

A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #6

Writer: Rafer Roberts
Artist:  Mike Norton
Colors: Allen Passalaqua
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor:  Danny Khazem
Editor in Chief: Warren Simons
Davey Sequence: David Lafuente; Brian Reber  
Variant Covers:  David LaFuente; Kano; Darick Robertson; Pere Perez; Rafer Roberts; Diego Latorre
Publisher: Valiant Comics
Price:  $3.99

Full confession time: I have never read Archer and Armstrong. Yes, I know. Armand has extolled its virtues to me many times but with so much out there, it’s hard to pick up something new. Well, I humbly submit to you, dear readers, that I am an idiot. This book is utterly and completely delightful. I honestly don’t know what I love more: Archer and Armstrong’s relationship; Mary-Marie and her pop singer named nuns; Davey The Mackerel. All of it’s amazing and I honestly cannot stop grinning.

Relationships are the focus in this issue as Armstrong is stalling big time in an effort to not see his wife by taking Archer on a road trip but, (something that I’m sure is a theme), it comes back to bite him in the arse. Suffice to say that Armstrong’s legendary (in his own mind) prowess has born fruit and now he and he and Archer have to deal with the most bizarre circus ever. Meanwhile Mary-Marie is dealing with leadership issues in her own unique way. Seems being compassionate is a no-no for assassins. Who knew?

Mike Norton’s artwork is bright, colorful and dynamic. It punctuates the humor of the book perfectly and the little details are amazing (watch the waitress’ face at the diner. Her reactions are spectacular.) while at the same time giving you information about the characters. A&A’s dynamic is so well supported by little things like their posture, their clothing and facial expressions that I felt like I’ve known them forever even though it’s my first time reading of their adventures.  

This book is hilarious and fun, a nice break from the grimdark of so much that’s out there. 5 out of 5 tranqs.

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