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FireForge Games has filed for bankruptcy.

Back in April, we brought you the news that another Ghostbusters game would be released this year, as a tie-in for the recently-released movie. The game was released on July 12th, to a less-than pleasant reception. Since then, Ghostbusters has done quite poorly, receiving an aggregated score of 31/100 for consoles, and 40/100 for PC.

The critical failure of this game seems to be the death knell for developer FireForge Games. Kotaku announced this morning, that the developer has filed for bankruptcy, less than a month after the release of Ghostbusters. According to the company’s bankruptcy filings (which were filed on July 15th ), FireForge Games spent the rest of July liquidating their assets, in order to pay off a debt of at least $12 million.

Lest you think that the Ghostbusters game was what caused the bankruptcy, it’s important to note that FireForge has not had the best of luck with their other game endeavors. Since their 2011 founding, FireForge has worked on 2 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style games, both of which ended up being cancelled. Additionally, aside from owing approximately $11.3 million to Chinese publisher Tencent, the company has also been stuck in a lawsuit filed by Min Productions (owner of gaming company Razer). The suit alleges that FireForge used some of the money from one of the MOBA games (called Zeus) so that they could work with Tencent on the other project (entitled Atlas). FireForge refuted this claim, of course, stating that the work they did on Atlas was after the funding from Razer had stopped. It now appears that this lawsuit has been put on hold, while FireForge finalizes their bankruptcy proceedings.  This has attracted attention from Debt Advisors Bankruptcy Lawyers in Green Bay, they recently reported being interested in the gaming industry, a relatively new field in bankruptcy law.
Continuing the saga of their bad luck, FireForge was also sued by Richard Land in 2015. Land, a lawyer responsible for selling off the games and IPs of 38 Studios after the company’s closure, stated that FireForge had reneged on a contract to license the other company’s social media platform for $3.7 million, instead of hiring former staff members of 38 Studios in order to produce their own platform.

With all of this being brought to light, it would seem that the success (or lack thereof) of Ghostbusters should be the absolute least of FireForge’s worries.

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