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Review Brew: 4001 AD #3

Is it a victory when you might lose what you’re fighting for?

Writer:  Matt Kindt
Artist:  Clayton Crain
Letterer:  Dave Lanphear
Assistant Editor: Danny Khazem; Kyle Andrukiewicz
Editor: Warren Simons
Variant Cover Artists: Clayton Crain, Tula Lotay, Ryan Bodenheim, Philip Tan, Ryan Lee, Ryan Sook
Creator: Jim Shooter
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Valiant Comics

Rai returns to New Japan, with backup in the form of Lemur and The Old Man, to take the fight to Father in this issue of 4001 A.D. and it’s not looking good. Father is more than prepared for them with dragon sentries waiting and while unexpected help from within turns the tide it’s not before Rai loses one of his own.

What strikes me about the story is that it’s a tale that’s been told over and over again, yet one that still needs telling: people are not disposable. No matter who they are, what they are or where they’re from. Matt Kindt’s writing has a fairy tale quality about it that reminds me of mythology, yet there’s a brutality to it that brings to mind real life rebellions wherein freedom was won but at a high and bloody cost. Superbly written, it was easy for me to jump in (this is my first time reading any of the 4001 A.D. books) as each character: what they want, who they are, why they are, is strongly laid out.

Clayton Crain’s artwork is gorgeous, if a bit (purposely) chaotic at times: you feel immersed in the battle and the confusion brought about when an enemy just keeps coming. Rai himself is lovely to behold and the details of New Japan are especially well done. Unfortunately Lula and Geo look far too much alike and that sameness took me right out of the book for a moment.

Overall this is an excellent book with a new hook on an old tale.

4 out of 5 Vid-Scrolls

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