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Marvel Ultimate Alliance re-releases on PS4 and Xbox One

San Diego Comic Con thus far has been a gift to geeks, which just keeps on giving. As far as gaming, there has been some news over the weekend on a gaming IP which has long been dormant: the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series.

The good news: the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series is coming to current consoles and PC, on July 26, 2016.

The bad news: the same Marvel Ultimate Alliance series from 10 years ago, is coming to current consoles and PC, on July 26, 2016.

Also, this game is being released as an enhanced digital download with tweaks to the graphics and the game UI. The biggest and most critical part of this news is that gamers can buy either MUA or MUA: Civil War separately at $40 each or buy the bundle at $60.

There has been no mention as to whether or not any of the DLCs (which Activision lost the license to) will be included or if gamers will be able to use previous game saves with the game. There is no mention either about whether or not gamers will still be able to play the online co-op portion as well.

Personally, I am on the fence as to whether I want to pick up this game because on one hand, especially with the first one, it was the pinnacle of console superhero games in the early days of the Xbox 360 and PS3. What other game out there would allow you to have the Avengers, Fantastic Four or even the Marvel Knights as your team? What other superhero game allowed you to have different skins to get various bonuses or even different characters? Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Civil War may have taken a few steps back but was still a competent game in its own right. On the other hand, forty dollars is a bit steep for a 10 year old game especially if we don’t know what’s in the package.  This could have been done as a backwards compatible game which could have been enough to tide us over until another MUA title was announced.

Right now, no one even knows if this may be a precursor to seeing a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Mike Jones, the producer in charge of the re-released was asked about if gamers can look forward to MUA 3. He simply replied: “Following the footsteps of a proud Marvel tradition, I’ll say: Anything is possible, True Believers.”

Stay tuned, and we will let you know what develops. Please let us know in the comments below if you plan on picking up this game when it drops.

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