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Review Brew: Brickleberry Armoogeddon Part 1

Excellent nods to today’s society issues, while battling out with bovine overlords!

Writer: Waco O’Guin
Artist: Roger Black
Publisher: Dynamite
Price: $3.99

Follow Steven Brickleberry; a middle-aged scruffy male brunet, who is out to save humanity from bovine overlords by traveling back into time. At first glance, the expectation is for this to be a silly children’s comic book, but oh boy is the reader in for a treat! The dialogue is so witty and vulgar, that it would make Family Guy‘s Seth McFarlane proud. As with any “go back in time to save the world” plot, there is a pivotal moment or person which is the cause of the apocalyptic conditions in the future, so Steven is off to murder the culprit.

Similar to the art style from American Dad! and Bob’s Burgers, Brickleberry is under the same category. Rounded faces, bright colors, and hints of Futurama-like tendencies makes the comic pleasant to the eye. The art is cartoony and bubbly, which could make an unsuspecting parent not realize what they’re potentially purchasing for their comic-loving kiddo. There is a mature rating on the bar code, but that could be easily overlooked when one isn’t sure where to look. The topic of an apocalypse taken over by cows is silly and just childish enough for a parent to be none the wiser. Be vigilant when buying new comics, parents!

The dialogue and writing is as facetious as one would expect from something that mirrors the attitude of The Simpsons. Intelligent humor and nods to current events and societal issues make this strip relatable for adult readers who are in need of a good laugh. Although the overall topic seems just downright silly, it is merely to keep the mood light while the characters discuss and berate first world problems, such as doing ones damnedest to NOT upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. There are a plethora of complaints like this throughout the whole book.

The speech bubbles were appropriately placed, and the panel transitions were easy to follow. There was a moment of confusion between a few pages, but that was due to reader error – not the layout of the comic. Sometimes the jokes felt a bit misplaced, but that can also be reader preference.The joke or thought of a character, while funny, did not further the story or provide important information that the reader needed to be aware of. It felt forced to have moments of comic relief.

Brickleberry is a fun-loving comic that prides itself on making fun of today’s problems. Those issues being the ones that seem to ruffle people’s feathers, and make them post memes about those issues on their respective Facebook pages. The first couple panels weren’t thrilling, but as the pages continued, turning the read became enjoyable.

3 out of 5 bovine overlords!

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