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Mr Robot S2:E2 Recap

It’s all about choices this episode, and the consequences therein, as the noose begins to tighten around fSociety.


Why You Do This?

We begin in flashback land and learn how fSociety came to be running out of the arcade. Romero tells Mobley the history of the arcade in hopes of offloading it to him, but Mobley isn’t there to buy, he’s there to recruit Romero…

In the present Mobley checks in on Rome and he is dead as hell. Mobley freaks, as he should, because it’s a good bet that the same people who took out Gideon are behind it. Darlene tries to reassure him and Trenton but both are planning to run, so expect them to die soon. 

Dom, after her fellow agents set off all of Rome’s traps on his computers and destroy any evidence, catches a break (possibly), when she talks Rome’s mom into letting her into the house. She finds one of the End Of The World posters from last season and I’m having Al Capone getting taken out via his taxes flashbacks.


Elliot receives a phone call from Tyrell, on a landline no less, reassuring Elliot that he’s fine and that he’ll be back when it’s safe. He then ups his already high creepy stalker quotient by dropping this line: ‘I think about you a lot Elliot.’ Yeah…nope. While I’m glad they’re picking up the thread of Tyrell and Elliot’s highly upsetting relationship it still gives me the heebee-jeebies.

Elliot falls into another terrifying relationship as Ray, the world’s most fatherly hitman, takes him under his wing. Oh, that wife Ray’s been talking about? She’s super duper dead. Ray’s been talking to her ashes this whole time and has done so since she was killed. He basically encourages Elliot to embrace Mr Robot fully instead of trying to medicate him into oblivion and Elliot (after failing hard in his quest to end Mr Robot’s existence) decides to listen to him.


Come To The Dark Side. We Have Cookies!

Angela continues to slide down the slope of morality and sanity while climbing the ladder at Evil Corp and Philip continues to take notice. Tempting her further Philip hands her a disk full of information on the others, besides Colby, who were responsible for the deaths of her mother and Edward Alderson, but only after Angela has spent time with and gotten to know them. It’s ruthless in the extreme, the question is whether Angela has it in her to meet and then raise the bar of Philip’s cruelty.

All of the threads are coming together nicely and the episode does a great job of showing the continued fallout; emotionally, physically and financially; of the hack. I have to give a special shout out to Craig Robinson and Portia Doubleday who both turn in such subtle yet brutally honest performances that it’s easy to overlook them in the face the forces of nature that are Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

Backup Files

  • Is Elliot’s phone actually connected to anything?
  • The other entity in Elliot’s subconscious looks like an Observer.
  • Speaking of Elliot’s subconscious, the inside of that place looks like The Black Lodge on steroids.
  • Darlene picked the wrong time to assume the best of anyone if she thinks the Dark Army had no hand in Gideon and Rome’s deaths.
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