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Review Brew: Superman #3

Cover by: Mick Gray, Patrick Gleason
DC Comics
***Spoilers ahead***
Every now and again, a comic comes out that makes me somewhat regret not reading comics in the turbulent 90s. Superman #3 is one of them.This issue represents the best of DC, and yet some of the things that’s wrong with DC and comic “reboots” in general. I like this issue because so far in the first 3 issues, it’s been consistent in finally bringing some progression to Superman’s story.  However, if you didn’t read the comics following the Death of Superman, you may miss some of the context regarding the Eradicator.

As far as the story is concerned, Peter Tomasi stays with Kal-El and Lois as they reach the Fortress of Solitude. There is a bit of confusion that I have in the fact that Lois asked Kal-El about mountain fortress he was supposed to have which we find out is technologically inferior. Again, if this was mentioned years ago, I missed it but…ok. You just have to roll with it and go on. What Tomasi does do is once the dust settles with a brief fight with Kal-El and the Eradicator, we get a nice backstory about him and why he is here on Earth looking for Kryptonians. We also find out that Jon (Superman’s son) has some instability with his powers due to his human/Kryptonian nature. Things take a turn for the worse and we are left with a very pissed off person to close out the book.

Gray and Lee’s art is very consistent with this book and I do like the fact that although this has some very tense moments, it appears to be kid-friendly. The colors are bright and moody throughout with lots of yellow, red and blue. Gray’s art, like the past 2 issues, adds a lot of depth and emotion especially towards the end of the book.

Overall,  in 3 issues, I am hoping that Tomasi can stay on for a very long run. The problem that DC has had is that with its flagship title is that it’s gone through too many hands during the New 52 phase. So far, I really like what Tomasi is bringing us back to: a time when Kal-el and Lois were married, and now they have a son with his powers. But the progression is not going to be easy. Where Damian Wayne had a hard time adjusting socially, it looks like Jon will have a curve of learning how his human body works with his Kryptonian powers.  This will not just be a kid who just automatically be “the next Superman.” Jon’s issues will come and he will have to learn to deal with them. Let’s enjoy this while we can and hope that DC does not do another reboot in a year, wiping them out yet again.

4 Kryptos out of 5

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