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Review Brew – Xena: Warrior Princess #4

Gabrielle, Xena and Ares are hellbent for leather on a rescue mission to save The Harpies from being executed by Rome in this issue of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Writer: Genevieve Valentine
Artist: Ariel Medel and Julius Gopez
Colorist: Nanjan Jamberi  
Letterer: Rob Steen
Cover Artist: Jenny Frison  
Creator: Rob Tapert
Dynamite Publishing

Taking place between seasons five and six of the television show, the storyline of this issue delves into the underlying tensions between our three main characters. Gabrielle is still struggling with being the Queen of the Amazons for all intents and purposes despite Chilapa being the actual Queen; Xena realizing that Gabrielle’s love for her will only get Gabby killed (again); and Ares (in his own way) trying to keep both the women he’s been obsessed with alive. The character beats are on point and true to who we know these people to be.

Unfortunately, the art doesn’t hold up, at least not consistently. Jenny Frison’s cover art is glorious, as always, but what’s inside just isn’t as good. While the first half is crisp and clean the second half abruptly changes artist and style for no apparent reason. The artwork becomes busy, with only outfits and hairstyles signifying who’s who as facial features and body types become muddled.

If you want a good story that continues the paths of our three favorite Greek badasses this is the comic for you, just don’t let the art put you off.

3 out of 5 Chakrams

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