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The Mindy Project S4:E26

Everything changes and not necessarily in a good way.

The Mindy Project Hulu


Nothing Good Will Come Of This

Leo gets banned from pre-school because he bit the living hell out of another kid, which…he is Danny and Mindy’s child. At any rate Danny and Mindy go to see the principal but get stuck in the school’s elevator as they’re leaving. They end up there overnight, during which they exchange stories regarding their dating perils and Danny has every opportunity to tell Mindy he’s engaged to Sarah.

Instead Danny chooses to put the moves on Mindy and they end up screwing. A lot.

I’m so grossed out right now.

Grand Jester

Remember how I said Jody was going to lose his damn mind because for the first time ever he’s actually sprung? Yeah. I underestimated just how crazy he was going to get because homie convinces Morgan to let him into Mindy’s apartment so he can build her a walk in closet (her old one is now Leo’s room). However, he, Morgan and Colette wreck the demo and Jody panics on an epic scale and buys the apartment above Mindy’s. First: Just how wealthy is Jody and Colette’s family? Because this isn’t the first time that Jody has bought an entire building in New York (remember when Colette and Morgan moved in together he bought their building to make sure it was good enough for his little sister) Second: I can’t tell if this is Jorah Mormont levels of not understanding how boundaries work or if this is the most romantic gesture of all time.

I suspect Mindy doesn’t know either if the expression on her face when she returns home is any indication.

Lab Report – Final Analysis

  • This season has been off the chain. As I’ve said before, the show being on Hulu has freed up the writers and the cast in a way being on regular television just didn’t allow.
  • Salvador Perez deserves every Emmy, Golden Globe and fashion award on earth because the styling on this show is amazing.
  • I really don’t know how this show is going to redeem Danny. Yeah, Jody screwed up once but Danny is just one long epic fail for the last two years. He’s toxic to Mindy and every woman he meets.

What do you guys want out of next season? Do you think Danny can be fixed? Do you want Mindy and Jody together or Mindy to truly be alone? Let us know in the comments!

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