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Attack on Titan returns next spring!

When the announcement of more Attack on Titan was made last year, the collective anime community went into a frenzy. The continued story of Eren Jaeger and his friends Mikasa and Armin surviving in the lone human city left standing due to attacks from man-eating giants called titans has become a cultural phenomenon. You can’t attend a convention without a Titan walking around, or people dressed as members of the military – complete with Vertical Maneuvering Gear. With the excitement of Attack on Titan at its peak, we were even given a release window for the second season: winter 2015-2016. Now even though Attack on Titan fans did have a comedy spin-off of the series called Attack on Titan Junior High, it wasn’t enough to satiate the hunger for more of the original anime.

As anime fans got closer to the fateful time, news broke that the second season would be delayed. Tetsuro Araki (the series director for season 2) and Hajime Isayama (the creator of the manga) both came forward to explain that they wanted a buffer of four story arcs before beginning production of the new season. Therefore, the best option would be to delay the series until later this year. Then in May, Kodansha released the statement that Season 2 would be delayed until January 2017. Most fans (myself included) began to lose hope on the series as returning at all, until news broke from the voice cast that they were in the production of season 2. Confirmed by the official series website, season 2 will be released Spring 2017.


This is great news, since we will now have a full season of the series taken directly from the source material, meaning that there will be no filler (looking at you Naruto). Now is the time to once again get hyped, fans, because we have more excitement, horror, intrigue and of course Captain Levy coming when Attack on Titan officially returns next year!

What do you think of the news about Season 2 coming next Spring?  Let us know in the comments below, and as always, for more on Attack on Titan and other anime news, stick with Pop Culture Uncovered.


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