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A talk with John Layman: Hunters, Judges and Aliens…oh my!

As John Layman is wrapping up his work with Chew, we see he is still busy messing with people’s heads by bringing together 3 franchises in Predator vs. Dredd vs. Aliens.  This is not the fun, yet horrifying romp we had with last year’s Archie vs. Predator.  This mash-up looks to give us an intersection of 3 franchises by way of a very old one as well. This is a four issue series from Dark Horse that promises to be gritty, creepy, pulpy, and action packed.

We took some time to ask John Layman about this project to see what we could expect from this series.

How did the idea of bringing these 3 franchises together come about?

I have no idea. I have a pretty good relationship with IDW, and they knew I’d wanted to write Dredd for a long time. I’d written an Aliens story for Dark Horse recently (Aliens: Inhuman Condition, with Sam Kieth) so I was a known commodity with them and the property. They came to me with opportunity, and I jumped at the change.

As you are writing Dredd’s dialogue, whose voice do you have in your head: Sylvester Stallone’s or Karl Urban’s or somebody else?

I can’t even remember the Stallone movie. I remember seeing it, and not thinking too highly of it, but that was a long time ago. I don’t retain movies that I don’t love or see repeatedly, so I’ve mostly forgotten it. The Karl Urban movie was Dredd perfection in my opinion, so I’ll go with his voice.

Dr. Reinstot has been doing some pretty insane stuff with gene splicing, can readers expect see any more weird Alien/Predator hybrids or will Dr. Reinstot do some…self-improvement?

Oh yes. Reinstot’s weird science is just getting started as our miniseries kicks off. Once he gets hold of Xenomorph DNA and starts incorporating it into his menagerie, that’s when the s&*t really starts to hit the fan.

If you could do an Archie vs. Dredd comic, how would that story be handled and what would bring Dredd to Riverdale?

I don’t engage in comics hypothetics. Unless it is something I am pitching, or asking to pitch I, as a rule, do not devote any brain space to it.

What other conventions will fans be able to see you at this year?

Cincy Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con are the only cons on my U.S. dance card this year.

Make sure you pick up this amazing mash-up on July 27th, 2016. Also if you haven’t grabbed it, get the Chew TPBs as well. It will change your life.

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