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New comic “Alters” explores navigating two identities in secret.


The New York Times released news that a new comic from AfterShock Comics, “Alters”, will be released on September 7,2016. In reading the details of this comic, I could not be more excited to see the emergence of a transgender hero as well as what appears to be a story about coming out and disclosure of identities.

Meet Charlie Young – a transgender female who has secretly begun transitioning from male to female unbeknownst to those around her. While going through this life altering process, she also has to contend with the emergence of her super powers (gravity manipulation). While she hides her transition from her loved ones, she is able to be her true self as Chalice. However, as Chalice, she must face persecution from Matter Man.

Although the comic will reportedly focus on other heroes, this writer cannot be more excited to read about Charlie’s/Chalice’s journey. In a previous entry on LGBT representation in comics, I noted a lack of transgendered identified superheroes in comic book media. Not only will Chalice be just the thing we need, we get to take a look at the struggles transgender individuals go through as they transitioned to their true gender. Charlie hides her identity as a transgender female as well as a super power super hero. I predict that this will be a very compelling journey to follow.


This gay identified LGBT specific psychologist and comic geek could not be more excited. To my knowledge, this is the first comic with a transgender as the main character. Below is the press release from AfterShock Comics and thanks to Aaron Marion for the information:

From a diverse team of creators composed of differing genders, gender identities, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations comes a groundbreaking first-ever superhero series featuring with a central transgender protagonist created by a mainstream writer.

As the world struggles to accept the emergence of a new kind of mutant species known as alterations, or “Alters,” a young woman begins her transition from male to female only to find herself also transitioning into a powerful Alter. Faced with persecution by the multi-powered fascist known only as Matter Man, she will face the world as Chalice–a  hero for a new age. But as Chalice navigates the path to becoming her true self, she must juggle the complications of her civilian life and the responsibilities of her newfound power.

This groundbreaking series–years in the making–begins the saga of a young woman who can only really be herself…whenever she is not herself.

writer: Paul Jenkins

artist: Leyla Leiz

color: Tamra Bonvillain

cover: Brian Stelfreeze

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