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Tales of the Table Top: The Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan has been one of the most popular board games of our century!

Every family has its traditions, and mine includes table top gaming with my fiancé and roommate! Sunday evenings are dedicated to delicious dinners and family time. Family time usually includes us playing the Pokémon Trading Card game or board games. Now, the epic moment has come for us to embark on a journey of becoming Settlers of Catan! I was gifted the board game by my father for my 26th birthday and was so ecstatic that I’ve finally been able to take the time to enjoy this timeless game with my closest friends.

The game set up was simple and straight to the point. This is crucial when picking up a new board game, as no one wants to grovel over a novella of rules and a complicated game set up just to have some fun before the beginning of a new work week. The game pieces are made out of wood, giving me a nostalgic feeling to the older games I played with my father. I am the oldest in my house so I got to begin the game. Round 1 was a bit slow, but the following rounds just got hilarious with us begging each other to trade (which is highly encouraged throughout the game) for resources. The haggling became a key point of the evening! “I will give you 1 ore for two of your sheepy?” “NO! Are you crazy! 2 for 2 or NOTHING!” Laughs was had by all.

The Settlers of Catan by Klaus Teuber was originally released in Germany in 1995, and has been one of the most celebrated board games in the world. As of 2015, more than 22 million copies have been sold in 30 different languages! Needless to say, for an avid board game player having to admit to not having played this game until recently is a bit embarrassing! The experience was everything a board game player would hope for. It was easy to jump into the role of a settler trying to build and better their life by obtaining important resources such as: sheep, hay, ore, brick, and lumber. The ultimate goal of the game is to build settlements, cities, and roads to obtain 10 victory points to become the victor. The game requires at least 3 players, but no more than 4 (unless you have an expansion pack). The suggested ages are 8-15 years, although according to my involvement anyone of any ages can delight in this game.

Settlers of Catan has changed the board game experience and the expectations of game play. Players want to be immersed in a world when they play board games, and feel they are on an adventure – Settlers provides that involvement. While the cost of the board game isn’t in everyone’s budget, you definitely get what you pay for. The average cost of the game varies between $40-$50 dollars and can usually be found in specialty game stores such as Hobby Lobby, ToysRUs, and local card shops. Long story short, it was a wonderful evening, and now has become one of the first suggestions every Sunday night to play. We cannot wait to expand our game play with one of the expansion packs!

Let’s round up with some pros and cons of the game.


1. Easy rules and set-up are crucial when playing with people of all ages.

2. The rules are flexible; similar to monopoly, so you can easily modify them to make your own house rules.

3. Quick game play. The game isn’t hours upon hours long, which allows for one or two games a night should you choose to play longer.


1. The game is not budget friendly for the average family. Unless you have a true love for board games, it is a bit pricey.

2. If you want to have more than 4 people play, you have to purchase a game expansion for the main game. This adds to the overall cost.

3. All the smaller pieces are easy to lose, and I can only imagine how that fares in a home with kids.

If you are looking for an enjoyable strategy based sandbox board game for the family to enjoy, than head to your local game shop and make sure to pick up this puppy! While most are intimidated by strategic game play, due to titles such as Axis and Allies, this cardboard phenomenon makes one feel like a tactical genius.

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